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The PPT landing page baked into a minimal Nginx container.

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for domain in; do
  echo "$(boot2docker ip)" | sudo tee -a /etc/hosts

Bower packages are part of the container, but not part of the repository, so you need to run bower install in content/ (where the bower.json file is).

NOTE: This will probably change, as for automatic build of the image there doesn't seem to be any hooks, so we might have to include those anyway. To be sorted as port of #96176258.

Test suite

brew install chromedriver
DBG=t cucumber # Save screenshots.
BROWSER=chrome cucumber

Smoke tests

For smoke tests we use our existing features suite. Any feature that doesn't corrupt data should by tagged by tag @smoke.

cucumber --profile smoke


  • WIP. Both the copy and the functionality needs to be revisited. Basic styling needed, CI & deployment to be set up.

Known issues

  • Update dependencies.
  • vhost.conf: build.html vs. app.html.
  • move build functionality into the Rakefile.
  • We're using sendfile off to make VirtualBox happy in development.
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