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a repository with docker templates for creating a git server with gitweb and lighttpd

Will set gitweb to port 8888 and git on 2222 in build image, gitweb is configured to check folder /home/git/repositories.

default password are:
root 123456789
git 12345679


Building image

~:/ sudo docker build -t pbergman/git .
## Starting container
for this example we bind the .ssh folder and repository folder from a local data folder
and bind port 8888 to local 8888 and 2222 to local 2222
~:/ sudo docker run -d -p 2222:2222 -p 8888:8888 -v $PWD/data/.ssh:/home/git/.ssh -v $PWD/data/repositories:/home/git/repositories --name gitserver pbergman/git

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