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Docker image for
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Docker Image for joeyespo/grip

Based on previous work from yokogawa/docker-grip-export, without specifyig any entrypoint, allowing to use grip anyway, straight out of docker.

How to use.

Use it as you would use grip, just prefix the command with docker run -it -v ${PWD}:/work/ pbourgau/grip-export

$ docker run -it -v ${PWD}:/work/ pbourgau/grip-export grip --help
  grip [options] [<path>] [<address>]
  grip -V | --version
  grip -h | --help

  <path> is a file to render or a directory containing (- for stdin)
  <address> is what to listen on, of the form <host>[:<port>], or just <port>

  --user-content    Render as user-content like comments or issues.
  --context=<repo>  The repository context, only taken into account
                    when using --user-content.
  --user=<username> A GitHub username for API authentication. If used
                    without the --pass option, an upcoming password
                    input will be necessary.
  --pass=<password> A GitHub password or auth token for API auth.
  --wide            Renders wide, i.e. when the side nav is collapsed.
                    This only takes effect when --user-content is used.
  --clear           Clears the cached styles and assets and exits.
  --export          Exports to <path>.html or instead of
                    serving, optionally using [<address>] as the out
                    file (- for stdout).
  --no-inline       Link to styles instead inlining when using --export.
  -b --browser      Open a tab in the browser after the server starts.
  --api-url=<url>   Specify a different base URL for the github API,
                    for example that of a Github Enterprise instance.
                    Default is the public API:
  --title=<title>   Manually sets the page's title.
                    The default is the filename.
  --norefresh       Do not automatically refresh the Readme content when
                    the file changes.
  --quiet           Do not print to the terminal.

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