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Short Description
Expose kafka consumer offset lag to prometheus.
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Expose Kafka consumer offset lag to prometheus.


Kafka v0.9.0.0 or higher. This exporter will only export offsets
stored in Kafka.

Getting Started

This project is designed to run with Docker.

docker-compose up -d

Use the following ENV vars to change the default options:

  • ACTIVE_ONLY=only show consumers with an active consumer protocol (default false)
  • KAFKA_BROKERS=comma separated list of brokers (default localhost:9092)
  • PROMETHEUS_ADDR=address and port for Prometheus to bind to (default :7979)
  • REFRESH_INTERVAL=how long in seconds between each refresh (default 15)
  • SASL_USER=SASL username if required (default "")
  • SASL_PASS=SASL password if required (default "")
  • DEBUG=true or false (default false)

You may also build and run locally using cli arguments. See the Dockerfile
for build instructions.


You can find the prometheus output at the standard /metrics path on the port you configured.

An example function might look like:
sum by (group, topic) (max_over_time(kafka_consumer_group_lag[5m]))

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