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Container for DansGuardian, a web content filter
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Container for DansGuardian, a web content filter.

This container is intended to be used as a base image. The configuration is stock from the Ubuntu packages. /etc/dansguardian/* needs to be configured for your use case. This container configuration uses all of the blacklists from, which makes it very restrictive. You might try for a site that is not blocked.

A sample blacklist config for shallalist is in /blacklists/bannedsitelist, /blacklists/bannedurllist. These files are not referenced by the dansguardian config. They are provided to show the total available blacklists provided by and are updated each time the blacklist is downloaded via cron.


  • dansguardian + squid + blacklist update from
  • See Copyright at for use of this container
  • Port 3128 is the content filtered proxy port
  • Port 8123 is the caching only proxy port
  • Port 8124 is the transparent caching only proxy port
  • http://*:8125/reports holds web usage reports stored at /log/sarg
  • Volume /log for holding log files
  • Volume /cache for holding the squid cache
  • Volume /blacklists for persisting black list updates across re-creating of the container
  • Enviroment SERVERNAME for the name or IP of the proxy server, by default uses the value of hostname in the container
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Comments (3)
2 years ago

The default config actually does work now (from the build 5 days ago), but it's very restrictive. Try or .

2 years ago

I'll work on the documentation to be more clear.

You need to configure /etc/dansguardian/ for your use case. /blacklists/bannedsitelist and /blacklists/bannedurllist are examples and aren't referenced by /etc/dansguardian/.

2 years ago

Maybe I'm being dense, but I can't get this to work. Everything web site is marked as blocked, even if I delete everything in /blacklists/bannedsitelist and /blocklists/bannedurllist.

When you say "/etc/dansguardian configuration should be set" does that mean I should set the config? Or that the config is "all set" already in the container?