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This docker is to run Ubiquiti Networks UniFi-Video-Controller.
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Starting with Unifi Video 3.8.0, port 7442 is required for secure communication between the nvr and camera. Cameras that update their firmware will not be able to connect until -p 7442:7442 is added to the run command.

Starting with Unifi Video 3.9.2, cameras will update their firmware to 4.2.13 which is incompatible with earlier releases. If your cameras upgrade and you want to use an earlier version, you'll have to manually downgrade.


This docker image runs the unifi-video controller on Ubuntu. Originally intended for Unraid 6.x, it should run fine anywhere.

Set your local data and videos directories in the docker run command. You can also specify a UID and GID for the daemon to run as.

Restart the docker, visit http://localhost:7080 or http://<ip.address>:7080/ to start the Unifi Video wizard.

Run it

docker run \
        --name unifi-video \
        --cap-add SYS_ADMIN \
        --cap-add DAC_READ_SEARCH \
        -p 1935:1935 \
        -p 6666:6666 \
        -p 7080:7080 \
        -p 7442:7442 \
        -p 7443:7443 \
        -p 7444:7444 \
        -p 7445:7445 \
        -p 7446:7446 \
        -p 7447:7447 \
        -v <data dir>:/var/lib/unifi-video \
        -v <videos dir>:/var/lib/unifi-video/videos \
        -e TZ=America/Los_Angeles \
        -e PUID=99 \
        -e PGID=100 \
        -e DEBUG=1 \

Changing versions

Starting with 3.9.0, releases are tagged. Using pducharme/unifi-video-controller or pducharme/unifi-video-controller:latest will get you the latest version. You can get a different version by using a specific tag, like :3.9.0, :3.9.2 or 3.9.3. If you update and have issues, you can quickly switch back to the previously working version.

tmpfs mount error

mount: tmpfs is write-protected, mounting read-only
mount: cannot mount tmpfs read-only

If you get this tmpfs mount error, add --security-opt apparmor:unconfined \ to your list of run options. This error has been seen on Ubuntu, but may occur on other platforms as well.

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