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Archived versions of ActiveMQ; defaults to 5.8.0
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Docker image of to run Apache ActiveMQ (defaults to verion 5.8.0).
Please fork and contribute via PR.


This Dockerfile with all default values will build a base container running Apache ActiveMQ version 5.8.0 with OpenJDK 7.


docker build [--rm=true] [--tag=<your-tag>] [--file=<relative-path-to-this-Dockerfile>]
when --file is not specified, it defaults to ./Dockerfile in the current directory.

example: docker build --rm=true --tag=pdzilla/activemq:5.8.0 .
this builds the container with the specified tag using the current directory Dockerfile file.

Running the built image

The following environment variables are exposed (default values indicated):

  • ACTIVEMQ (apache-activemq-$ACTIVEMQ_VERSION)
  • ACTIVEMQ_ROOT (/usr/local)

All defaults:
docker run -d -p (61616):61616 -p 8161:8161 pdzilla/activemq:5.8.0

Defaults with different version:
docker run -d -p (61616):61616 -p 8161:8161 -e "ACTIVEMQ_VERSION=<version>" --name amq pdzilla/activemq:5.8.0

If you want to enable STOMP, ports 61612 and 61613 are exposed; just include them in your port mappings.

Current limitations

  1. Does not currently pull more current versions (only archived versions are supported).
  2. The web ui user credentials are hard-coded as admin/admin.
  3. JVM memory settings not currently configurable (1024 min 1024 max)
  4. Configurable volume path for persistent kahadb storage is not yet implemented.
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