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Docker repo for a Tomcat-based container. This Dockerfile has no external files to copy or add, so it can be used as a standalone file to get up and running.


This Dockerfile with all default values will build a base container image running Apache Tomcat version 8.0.20 with OpenJDK 8u40.


docker build [--rm=true] [--tag=<your-tag>] [--file=<relative-path-to-this-Dockerfile>]
when --file is not specified, it defaults to ./Dockerfile in the current directory.

example: docker build --rm=true --tag=falcon-tomcat:8.0.20 .
this builds the container with the specified tag using the current directory Dockerfile file.

Running the built image

The following environment variables are exposed (default values indicated):

  • TOMCAT_VERSION (8.0.20)
  • TOMCAT_DL_URL (see Dockerfile)
  • CATALINA_HOME (/usr/local/tomcat)
  • TOMCAT_ENV (local if not specified). This value is used in the file (passed as -Denv)
  • MANAGER_USER (admin)
  • MANAGER_PW (password)

All defaults:
docker run -d -p 8080:8080 pdzilla/tomcat

Defaults with different environment:
docker run -d -p 8080:8080 -e "TOMCAT_ENV=<new_env_name>" --name tomcat pdzilla/tomcat

Current limitations

  1. Does not add the 'admin-script' role to use the "Host Manager" feature.
  2. Configured for HTTP not HTTPS with no automated way to change it in the Dockerfile. Users should add their own SSL/TLS solution on top of this base image and docker commit it.
  3. Tomcat JVM memory settings not currently configurable (512 min 1024 max)
  4. You need to re-build to change the MANAGER_USER and MANAGER_PW values. I'll fix that when I can, or submit a PR and I'll review it.


Want to contribute to this? I'm both humbled and honestly a little surprised. PRs and issues are welcome. Please verify against Docker 1.7 before committing

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