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Github Hubot Docker image.
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Container running GitHub Hubot with a plugin to connect to a Slack team. Some environment variables have to be set to permit connection with a Slack account in a specific channel.

This repository is connect to DockerHub to create an image automaticaly. So you just need run a docker container where the source is pedrocesarti/hubot.

Running container

To run this container, you should running the command available below:

docker run --name mybot -it  -e HUBOT_SLACK_TOKEN='#######' -e Hubot_SLACK_TEAM='#######' -e Hubot_SLACK_BOTNAME='#######' -d pedrocesarti/hubot-slack

Environment Variable

The variables set on runnning is used to connect on Slack account, Slack channel and to set a name for your bot send messages. You can read more about integrations with Slack and generate the token to connect here.

Variables Function
HUBOT_SLACK_TOKEN Token generate for Slack integration.
Hubot_SLACK_TEAM Account for connection team.
Hubot_SLACK_BOTNAME Name for user used for Hubot to connect to account.

Some Hubot scripts used to use Google API to make searches on Internet, however Google disable that resource and couple scripts broke. So now you have to create a SEARCH ENGINE and connect that to you own GOOGLE API. You can read more about theses issues at the end of this file, but in general you only need put those variables on container environment and everything is going to work.

Variables Function
HUBOT_GOOGLE_CSE_ID Id to connect a Google accountToken generate for Slack integration.
HUBOT_GOOGLE_CSE_KEY Account for connection team.

Enjoy! :)

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