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A mercurial to git converter, m2g
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Mercurial to Git migration guide!

Thanks for the contribution of Arnaud ADAM!

Here is a migration guide to help you with! :smile:

In your WORKSPACE, create a subdirectory named m2g, and in this subdirectory,
checkout your mercurial repository into a directory (the name doesn't matter, it will be my-hg-project here),
create an empty directory (which will contain you git project sources). for this example, I'll take my-git-project.

  • launch your docker container with following command,
$ docker run -it --rm -v WORKSPACE/m2g:/home/m2g pengbai/docker-mercurial2git
  • go to your empy git directory, and init the repository,
$ cd m2g/my-git-project
$ git init
Initialized empty Git repository in /home/m2g/my-git-project/.git/
  • then execute fast-export script as follows,
$ /home/fast-export/ -r ../my-hg-project

In theory, you'll see a bunch of logs on your screen. Migration can take a while...

  • finally, do a checkout of your new git project,
$ git checkout HEAD
  • add your remote repository url (replace following url with the real one!),
$ git remote add origin
  • and push all your project to your new git repository!
$ git push origin --all

That's all! :sunglasses:
You're now able to work with your 'git' project.

You can now exit your docker container, and delete the m2g folder (since you're now able to clone your repository anywhere you want!).

Please note that :

  • the 'default' branch in Mercurial will be the 'master' one in Git...
  • Git doesn't like spaces very means that if you had some branches or tags with spaces into the name, Git will replace it with underscore.
  • Branch with multiple heads isn't allowed. If you closed a branch, and reopen a new one with same name, migration doesn't work.

Have fun! :+1:

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