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Maven, OpenJDK 8, Alpine
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Maven on Alpine OpenJDK8

Image on docker hub:

This is a maven image, we can use maven command on running this image:


Pull image:

docker pull pengbai/docker-mvn-j8-alpine

Run mvn -version command with container, this container will be then on STATUS Exited after excuting this command, look container's logs (docker logs CONTAINER_ID) for more detail:

docker run -d pengbai/docker-mvn-j8-alpine:3.3.9 mvn -version

The same to run other maven command THIS_IS_A_MVN_COMMAND, you can also use volume to mount source on local /local-workspace.

docker run -d -v /local-workspace:/container-workspace pengbai/docker-mvn-j8-alpine:3.3.9 THIS_IS_A_MVN_COMMAND
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