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Astronomical data reduction with THELI
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See for more details about Theli.

As a user, you can run Theli like this:

sudo setenforce 0
sudo docker run -d --name theli -e DISPLAY -e TZ=Europe/Berlin -v /etc/passwd:/etc/passwd:ro -v /etc/group:/etc/group:ro -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix:ro -v $HOME:$HOME -w $HOME -u $USER penglmaier/theli

The first line turns off selinux. At the moment, the container will not work with selinux enabled. The second long line creates a docker container named 'theli' and runs the theli command inside it. The container has access to your home folder (with the images). Sudo will prompt you for your password.

When you close theli, the container will also stop. It will not go away, however. You can restart theli (in the same container) with this command:

sudo docker start theli

Or, you may decide to delete the container with

sudo docker rm theli

This will not delete the image penglmaier/theli, however.

Think of the container as a virtual machine - Theli will not see things outside the container unless you mount them with the -v command. See "man docker run". To list all the docker containers, enter 'sudo docker ps'. If you need a shell to access the inside of the container, run it with:

sudo docker exec -ti theli /bin/bash

Dockerfile available on request.

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