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Ubuntu Nginx STABLE with nginx_push_stream_module
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This is a mostly-stock rebuild of nginx for Ubuntu that includes the fantastic nginx_push_stream_module. That module allows for dead-simple REST-based pub/sub capabilities from your backend to your clients.

Versions are tagged with the nginx version. Current version is 1.8.0

Sample usage:

docker run -d --name nginx -p 80:80 -p 443:443 --volumes-from my-data-volume -v /vagrant/etc.d/nginx:/etc/nginx penguincoder/nginx

This full setup assumes that you have a container named 'my-data-volume' that contains your webroot, a directory called /vagrant/etc.d/nginx that will get mapped into the container as /etc/nginx, and exposes both HTTP and HTTPS ports. I use a volume to map the etc directory so that you can make changes quickly without having to rebuild the image.

The docker container forces "daemon off" for you, so be sure to omit that directive from your local configuration.

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