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Vanilla nvidia-docker image(incl. Cuda) + CuDNN + Tensorflow
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Why doing this

To simplify setting up of GPU and tensorflow. See this link:


  1. Check your GPU hardware:
    lspci |grep -i nvidia
  2. Follow instruction on to set up env and install nvidia-docker
    1. Nvidia driver
    2. nvidia-docker
  3. Start and enter a container:
    sudo nvidia-docker run -it --name tensorflow pennymax/tensorflow-cuda /bin/bash
  4. Test:
    cd /tensorflow/tensorflow/models/rnn/ptb
    python --data_path=/tmp/simple-examples/data/ --model small

What I have done based on vanilla nvidia-docker image

  1. Installed CuDNN and put headers/libs to /usr/local/cuda related folders
  2. Installed Tensorflow by using Pip solution from:
  3. Cloned git repo of tensorflow to /tensorflow
  4. Installed some utilities(e.g. wget) which could be removed if needing to reducing image size later on
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