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Backbone Chef Service
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Backbone Core

Core Services for Backbone


Here is a list of the Backbone Core Services and lnks to thier documentation.

  • Authentication
    • Provides authentication and identiti verification for the rest of the BB Services
    • Documentation
  • Chef


Use Make to build containers.

  • make [all]: build all containers available in this repository
  • make build SVC=<service>: build container for specificed service
  • make push SVC=<service>: push container for specificed service to dockerhub
  • make version: show version information
  • make help: display help text

Adding A New Service

To add a new service there are a few steps to follow:

  1. Copy one of the current service dockerfiles and rename the extension to match your directory name and set your service name under the appropriate ENV directive in teh Dockerfile
    • For instance, a service called foo_service should have a Dockerfile called Dockerfile.foo_service
    • Also, in the dockerfile, make sure ENV SVC_NAME={service_name} is set to the name of your service
  2. Make sure your main.go is located under cmd/{service_name}/main.go
    • With foo_service. you'd want your main.go at cmd/foo_service/main.go


Testing in this project may seem a little sparse on an invocation of go test $(glide nv).
This is because the tests make use of build flags to ensure that we don't incur cost or fail tests unnecessarily.

See here for build tag documentation:

The "full" test suite is marked behind the "full" build tag. So to run all tests use go test $(glide nv) -tags 'full'
Note that this will take a while. It will provision necessarty DynamoDB tables and it requires a running Chef-Zero Server on localhost.

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