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Docker Image for LoadRunner & Performance Center Load Generator 12.55
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HPE LoadRunner & Performance Center Load Generator Image

The images in the repository includes Load Generator (LG) component for HPE LoadRunner & Performance Center 12.55 and all its prerequisites. The image, using Ubuntu 14.04 as its base image, helps you deploy a LG machine on Linux distributions.

docker run -id -p <host_port>:54345 performancetesting/load_generator
docker run -t -i -p <host_port>:54345 --entrypoint=/bin/bash performancetesting/load_generator

The first command starts LG when you start the container. When using this method, do not attach to the container.
The second method only starts a container. You need to set up the LG environment variables and start the LG manually inside the container. You can then switch to host using Ctrl+P & Ctrl+Q. You can also attach to the container at a later time.

Tip: To avoid have the default NAT mode impact LG’s network throughput, add the following command when starting a container: "--net=host".
The default port is 54345. You can specify a custom port through the Controller interface.

For more information, refer to:
HPE Performance Center Installation Guide (Page 57)

HPE LoadRunner Installation Guide (Page 30)

And HPE Software Support Matrices.

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