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perfSONAR Testbed Bundle
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perfSONAR 4.X Testpoint docker container

NOTE: This now seems to be working. Testers needed. Please submit problems to:

The docker container runs all perfSONAR 4.x Services in the "Testpoint" bundle, as described at:

This can be used to run perfSONAR 4.x Testpoint services on any OS that supports docker.

Download the container:

docker pull perfsonar/testpoint

To register your perfSONAR testpoint, start a container shell, and edit the file
/etc/perfsonar/lsregistrationdaemon.conf with the location and administrator information for your site.

If this host will be part of a centrally configured mesh, also edit the file
/etc/perfsonar/meshconfig-agent.conf, and update the 'configuration_url'.

docker run -it perfsonar/testpoint /bin/bash

After editing the configuration files, exit the container and commit the change.

docker commit -m "added config settings" containerID perfsonar/testpoint

Run the container:

docker run --privileged -d -P --net=host -v "/var/run" perfsonar/testpoint


Test the perfSONAR tools from another host with pscheduler and owamp installed:

owping hostname

pscheduler task clock --source hostname --dest localhost
pscheduler task throughput --dest hostname


To get a shell in the Docker container on your host, run 'docker ps -a' to get your container ID,
and then run:

docker exec -it containerID bash


The perfSONAR hostname/IP is assumed to be the same as the base host. To use a different
name/IP for the perfSONAR container, see:
It also assumes the base host is running NTP, and not running httpd, postgres, or anything else
listening on the list of ports below. If bwctl gives you the error: "bwctl: SessionRequest: Denied by Hostname",
that likely means the clock is not synced well enough. You can uncomment the line 'allow_unsync' in
/etc/bwctl-server/bwctl-server.conf to get around this.


make sure the following ports are allowed by the base host:
pScheduler: 443, bwctl:4823, 5001-5900, 6001-6200 ; owamp:861, 8760-9960

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