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perfSONAR Testpoint Bundle - everything needed to get an endpoint for running perfSONAR tests
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perfSONAR 4.X Testpoint docker container

NOTE: This now seems to be working. Testers needed. Please submit problems to:

The docker container runs all perfSONAR 4.x Services in the "Testpoint" bundle, as described at:

This can be used to run perfSONAR 4.x Testpoint services on any OS that supports docker.

Download the container:

docker pull perfsonar/testpoint

To register your perfSONAR testpoint, start a container shell, and edit the file
/etc/perfsonar/lsregistrationdaemon.conf with the location and administrator information for your site.

If this host will be part of a centrally configured mesh, also edit the file
/etc/perfsonar/meshconfig-agent.conf, and update the 'configuration_url'.

docker run -it perfsonar/testpoint /bin/bash

After editing the configuration files, exit the container and commit the change.

docker commit -m "added config settings" containerID perfsonar/testpoint

Run the container:

docker run --privileged -d -P --net=host -v "/var/run" perfsonar/testpoint


Test the perfSONAR tools from another host with pscheduler and owamp installed:

owping hostname

pscheduler task clock --source hostname --dest localhost
pscheduler task throughput --dest hostname


To get a shell in the Docker container on your host, run 'docker ps -a' to get your container ID,
and then run:

docker exec -it containerID bash


The perfSONAR hostname/IP is assumed to be the same as the base host. To use a different
name/IP for the perfSONAR container, see:
It also assumes the base host is running NTP, and not running httpd, postgres, or anything else
listening on the list of ports below.


make sure the following ports are allowed by the base host:
pScheduler: 443 ; owamp:861, 8760-9960

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