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A very small Docker image to bootstrap your Ruby code.
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Docker Alpine Ruby

A very small Docker image to bootstrap your Ruby code.

This Ruby Docker image is based on Alpine Linux, so it is quite small in terms of size. Sometimes, I want to have a quick run of a Ruby script and don't want to setup a complicated Ruby environment and packages, and I build this image. There are already official Ruby images, but its size is huge and it contains quite lots of unnecessary packages that I don't use often.

REPOSITORY                       TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
petehouston/docker-alpine-ruby   latest              3a72bea4506c        10 seconds ago      30.8 MB
ruby                             alpine              d9290c19ae60        9 days ago          125.3 MB

How to use?

Just pull the image to your local machine,

$ docker pull petehouston/docker-alpine-ruby

To execute command,

$ docker run --rm petehouston/docker-alpine-ruby ruby [your_ruby_options]

For example,

  • Evaluate a Ruby statement
$ docker run --rm petehouston/docker-alpine-ruby ruby -e "puts 'Hello Docker Ruby!'"
Hello Docker Ruby
  • Execute a Ruby script
$ ls

$ cat code.rb

puts "Hello Docker Ruby!"

$ docker-alpine-ruby docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/home -w /home petehouston/docker-alpine-ruby ruby code.rb
Hello Docker Ruby!


Feel free to share your words. Always welcome :)

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