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Docker image that contains kallithea, a DVCS server written in Python. The default login in this container is admin and password is K4ll1th34, obviously please change it if you intend to use this for more than a quick evaluation.

This Docker image exposes port 80 and has two volume export points such that one can make a permanent installation
with ephemeral docker containers.

Example to run:

docker run -dp 3080:80 petergrace/kallithea

This will start a container such that you can try out the software. It will host the kallithea instance on your
docker host's port 3080. This repo also includes a fig.yml file if you'd like to use fig or docker-compose functionality.

If you would like to run this in a more permanent fashion, please do the following steps:

  • create two directories on your docker host, e.g. /opt/kal/data and /opt/kal/repos
  • set owners of those two folders to 33:33 (the www-data user id and group inside of the docker container)
  • Download the kallithea.db sqlite file from this repo's docker/ subdirectory.
  • Place the kallithea.db file in the data folder
  • execute the docker container: docker run -dp 3080:80 -v /opt/kal/data:/opt/kallithea/data -v /opt/kal/repos:/opt/kallithea/repos petergrace/kallithea
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