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Build heureka extractor for Keboola.
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KBC Docker app for extracting data from Heureka (

The Extractor gets list of campaign stats for previous day and saves the data to Storage API. Date of downloaded stats can be changed in configuration.


  • parameters:
    • username - Username to Heureka
    • password - Password to Heureka
    • bucket - Name of bucket where the data will be saved
    • since (optional) - start date of downloaded stats (default is "-1 day")
    • until (optional) - end date of downloaded stats (default is "-1 day")
    • eshopId - Eshop Id in Heureka
    • showSources true/false


Data are saved into table incrementally:

stats - contains marketing stats, columns are:

  • eshopId
  • date
  • visits
  • cpc
  • spend
  • conversion_rates
  • orders
  • aov
  • transaction_revenue
  • pno
  • source source is downloaded by setting optional parameter showSources to true


  • Data can change for last 30 days
  • Data from previous day are available at morning


If you want to run this app standalone:

  1. Clone the repository: ` ex-heureka`
  2. Go to the directory: cd ex-heureka
  3. Install composer: curl -s | php
  4. Install packages: php composer.phar install
  5. Create folder data
  6. Create file data/config.yml with configuration, e.g.:

       bucket: in.c-heureka
       showSources: true/false
  7. Run: php src/run.php --data=./data
  8. Data tables will be saved to directory data/out/tables
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