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Ubuntu xenial (16.04) image with apache 2.4, php and phalcon
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Docker image based on pgeof/apache-php that embeds Phalcon PHP framework

Phalcon rendering issue with php 7

Be aware of an issue with Phalcon and php 7.0 & 7.1.
See Diffrent volt partial() in php 5.6/7.0

Supported tags (corresponds to phalcon version)

  • v3.2.1-php7.1
  • v3.2.1-php7.0, latest
  • v3.2.1-php5.6
  • v2.0.13-php5.6


    $ docker run -d -v /your_site_base_folder:/var/www -p 80:80 pgeof/apache-phalcon

Start an apache webserver available on TCP port 80 on your machine. The document root folder is the one you specify after the -v parameter.

    $ docker run -d -v /your_site_base_folder:/var/www -v /your_apache_site_config:/etc/apache2/sites-enabled -p 80:80 pgeof/apache-phalcon

Same command as previous, but this time apache sites configuration must be defined in the folder you specify after the second -v parameter.

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