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Scripts to generate a Fedora 19 i686 docker base image.

The kickstart script comes from

The rest comes from


  • Fedora 19 i686 VM with the following packages
sudo yum install qemu kvm libvirt libvirt-python python-virtinst virt-manager virt-viewer
sudo yum install spin-kickstarts
sudo yum install appliance-tools
sudo yum install libguestfs libguestfs-tools

To build the container

On Fedora 19 i686 VM


This will generate the tarball which can then be commited and pushed

On a machine with docker installed, pull the repository then

sudo docker build -rm --tag=pghalliday/fedora-19-i686 .

To run the container

Use linux32 so that package managers and such don't get confused about the architecture

sudo docker run -t -i pghalliday/fedora-19-i686 /bin/linux32

Then uname -m will report i686

Docker Pull Command