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Real-estate search engine. You can try it here :
risno stack is based on :

How to use

Just go to and give it a try.


A development environment is provided based on docker. You will first have to install docker.

You will also need GNU Make.

Then clone the git repository. Please prepare your contributions in the develop branch.

# git clone
# cd risno
# git checkout develop

Start web application

You may want to try the web application with its elasticsearch database using docker and compose.

  • Install compose (and machine):

    $ make init

  • Launch risno and its elasticsearch database:

    $ ./docker-compose up

This command will start an elasticsearch database and the risno web application. Please note that this may take a whiiiiiiile the first time the elasticsearch database container is built since it indexes all french cities and that action takes time.

See docker-compose.yml for details of the containers built and started.

  • Open your browser and navigate to http://localhost:12043 to test the application. Please note that, at this moment, you have no ad indexed so you will not see lot of things.

Indexing new ads

To index new ads, you may run the slurp tool manually. This is not deockerized so it will need some dependencies.

Slurp depends on nodejs at least version 0.12.

To fetch new ads for the supported sites:

$ cd slurp
$ make compile
$ node fetch_sites aquitaine

This will fetch all supported sites for the ads for the french region Aquitaine and index them inside the previously started elasticsearch instance.

Go back to your web browser and see if you can see new ads here http://localhost:12043/


You can deploy the whole risno solution with ansible. See ansible sudirectory for details.




See LICENSE for the complete license.

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