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Haskell Stackage Docker image
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Haskell Stackage Docker image

This image is usable for building docker images with Haskell binaries.

Using double image trick, we build the binary using this image, but package into another.


set -exu
cd /build
cabal sandbox remove || true
cabal clean
rm -f cabal.config                 # stackage image has global constraints
cabal install --only-dependencies
cabal configure
cabal build
chmod -R a+rw dist                 # we build as root, have to make everything r/w

and Dockerfile

FROM        phadej/ghc:7.8.4
COPY        dist/build/yourapp/yourapp /yourcompany/yourapp
ENTRYPOINT  [ "/yourcompany/yourapp" ]

Then we can create an image without build dependencies:

docker run --rm=true -v $(pwd):/build phadej/stackage:1.11 sh /build/  # build binary
docker build .                                                                 # build image


This image contains some packages already compiled (my subjective picks)

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