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Unofficial docker image for Windward -
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This image has been created to help in the process of making a Windward server.

Not only does it make the process easier, it also keeps your base system clean not having to install mono-runtime and prerequisites.

The included run script will download the latest version for you from the game developers website to ensure you're always running the latest and greatest.


  • Make sure that the /data/windward directory exists on your system,
    and that the user/group of the folder is UID 1000.
  • Pull the image:
    docker pull phantium/windward
  • Launch an instance:
    docker run -d -e WWNAME="My Windward Server" -e WWORLD="MyWorldName" -v /data/windward:/data/windward -p 5127:5127 --name=windward phantium/windward

Available variables

  • WWPUB (Determines if the server is public or private): 1 (default) or 0 (private).
  • WWPORT (Port for the server to run on): 5127 by default.
  • WWNAME (World name listed in the server list): Windward Docker Server by default.
  • WWORLD (Filename for the world): World by default, recommended to not use spaces or special characters.
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