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Docker Compose container for running compose on Windows
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Phase2 Dev Tools VM

This VM is designed for use with Phase2 Docker projects. It creates a Docker
Machine based VM, sets up network routes, a persistent /data store, and runs a
DNS service for Docker containers.

If you are brand new to using the Dev Tools VM it's highly recommended
to read the document (see the docs directory) for a conceptual overview.
There is additional documentation in the docs directory that guides you through
a variety of topics, including project and integration environment setup.


As first time setup, install the following:

1. Install VirtualBox >= 5.0 if you aren't on Linux

VirtualBox website

2. Install _devtools_vm

2.1 Cleanup previous versions

If you used an older version of _devtools_vm which were not Docker
machine based you'll need to clean up before switching to this version.

  • Unmount the code and data shares
  • Halt the VM by running ./bin/
  • Delete the old network route by running sudo route -n delete -net
  • Remove any vboxnet host-only networks in the VirtualBox GUI.

2.2 Clone the _devtools_vm repo

Clone the _devtools_vm repo and use the master branch

git clone

We recommend installing this into ~/Projects/_devtools_vm and the rest of this document will assume that is the installation location.

2.3 Startup the container host

Run the following command to create & start the new container host (the docker machine). (You will be prompted for your admin password)


2.4 Configure your shell to use Dev Tools environment

To configure the shell with the proper Dev Tools environment, run the following command

eval "$(~/Projects/_devtools_vm/bin/"

To make this permanent on every terminal you launch, add the following to your .bash_profile, .zshrc or equivalent:

# Support for Dev Tools
eval "$(~/Projects/_devtools_vm/bin/"
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