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Docker image based off Windows Server Core, with Seq (v3.4.20) running on port 5341
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It was a massive pain in the ass to get Seq installed, and up and running on Windows Server Core using Docker on Windows with Windows containers, so this is the result of a lot of my trial and error.

I was going to be doing a presentation on the way that Coolblue uses Docker & Seq, and it took me forever to get this "just right" - you can check out the repo for yourself if you're interested over here

Usage is simple, just use docker run and open port 5341 like so:

docker run -d -t -p 5341:5341 pheonix25/servercore-seq
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a month ago

I'm so sorry asmmama - I wasn't notified of this comment previously. There's nothing special about it, you can see the steps that I took to create it over here.

It'll be better to hit me up on Twitter (@phermens) if you're still having troubles, but it's 6 months on, so I'm not sure if you'll see this either.

7 months ago

I saw your talk last tuesday and thought let's give this seq container a try. I can get it running but unfortunately can't access seq on the mapped port.

Any special prerequisites i should be aware of?