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Minimal image of OpenResty (nginx+lua), discovers upstream servers from SRV records (size: 142.8)
Full Description


This is a small project to provide a way to use nginx and Lua (through OpenResty) to balance traffic between instances providing HTTP services in a cluster with a service discovery DNS API.


  • this project is forked from vlipco/srv-router
  • converted from running on Centos to Debian GNU/Linux (philcryer/min-wheezy) to reduce image size (142 MG versus 559.1 MB) and improve security by removing any unneeded services/applications
  • renamed project to min-srv-router to follow my convention
  • image size for philcryer/min-srv-router is 142 MB
  • full details on the github page philcryer/min-srv-router


If you just want to use this image, pull it and configure what you want:

docker pull philcryer/min-srv-router

To use this image in your own project, use this FROM line in your Dockerfile:

FROM philcryer/min-srv-router:latest
Docker Pull Command