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php:7-fpm with mysql drivers added
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Docker PHP

A collection of helpful images and compose files for php development.


Pick an override file, and move it in the root folder with the name
docker-compose.override.yml. Then run docker-compose up

Docker images for php projects

nginx-fpm: nginx with fastcgi enabled
nginx-fpm-webroot: nginx with fastcgi enabled, pointing to the webroot folder
nginx-drone: nginx-fpm with a root in the /drone folder
nginx-done-webroot: nginx-fpm-webroot with the root in the /drone folder
php-mysql: php:7-fpm, mysql extension
php-redis: php:7-fpm, phpredis extension
php-mri: php:7-fpm, mysql+phpredis+intl extensions
php-mricg: php:7-fpm, mysql+phpredis+intl extensions, composer, git

Docker-compose example files

default: Simple stack with php, nginx, mysql and redis All Cakephp dependencies, redis + mysql + phpmyadmin + redis commander

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