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Jenkins slave images
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Jenkins docker slaves

This docker jenkins slaves
images to be used with the awesome jenkins docker

They are available in the

All the images run a openssh server, the jenkins
master can connect with the jenkins user (the password is jenkins). This
user can run any command as root using sudo.

The jenkins user is also a postgresql superuser. A basic build script for jenkins can be:

sudo service postgresql start
createdb test
DBNAME=test ./

WARNING: Neither docker and the image is safe against malicious code, so
consider that any developer who can push code and trigger a build can take
control of your jenkins server. If you don't trust the developer, carefully
review the code before trigger a build.



docker pull philpep/jenkins-slave:jessie

This is a debian jessie including:

As you can see, this image can run docker in docker :)

This is convenient if your test/build process include docker.

You will have to run container privileged (an option configure in jenkins
Docker Template) and start docker within the build script.

sudo wrapdocker true

You are advised to use a docker registry
to save bandwidth
while pulling images.

sudo DOCKER_DAEMON_ARGS="--registry-mirror=http://mirror:5000" wrapdocker true

For optimal performance, if you have a slow disks but a lot of RAM, you can run docker on tmpfs:

sudo mount -t tmpfs -o size=3G tmpfs /var/lib/docker
sudo wrapdocker true
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