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FastDFS Storage
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FastDFS Docker

FastDFS is an open source high performance distributed file system. It's major functions include: file storing, file syncing and file accessing (file uploading and file downloading), and it can resolve the high capacity and load balancing problem. FastDFS should meet the requirement of the website whose service based on files such as photo sharing site and video sharing site.

Run as a tracker

docker run -d --name tracker -v ~/data/fastdfs/tracker:/data/tracker -p 22122:22122 fdfs_tracker

  • port: tracker default port is 22122
  • base_path: map the path "/data/tracker"

Run as a storage

docker run -d --name storage -v ~/data/fastdfs/storage:/data/storage --link tracker:tracker -p 80:80 -e TRACKER=tracker fdfs_storage

  • port: nginx default port is 80
  • base_path and store_path0: map the path "/data/storage"
  • TRACKER: tracker container's name


  • docker logs tracker
  • docker logs storage
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