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PhysioDOM Queue Service to communicate to the SServer ( SIRLAN server )
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% Queue Service
% Fabrice Le Coz
% November, 2016

Queue service

The PhysioDOM Queue service is used to push messages from HHR-Pro instances to SServer.

The SServer is a gateway done by SIRLAN, that pilots Set Top boxes through 3G connections


prepare the config file

You need to provide a config file named queue.json, this file is shared with the
docker instance by sharing a volume

  "mongouri": "mongodb://mongo/physioDOM_queue",       <-- url of the database
  "server":   "",                 <-- url of the SServer
  "key":      "D9C7F19C-7588-4C39-91BB-FBFEFE1BE90A",  
  "appSri":   "plt.treedb.srv/web",                    <-- application key on the SServer
  "retry":    5                                        <-- retry time in minutes before resending a message


docker pull physiodom/queue
# You will also need an etcd instance and a mongodb instance
docker pull physiodom/etcd
docker pull mongo:3.2

# run the etcd instance
docker run -d \
    --name etcd \
    -v /opt/data/etcd:/data \
docker run -d \
      --name mongo \
      -v /opt/data/mongo:/data/db \
      mongo:3.2 \
# run the queue instance
docker run -d --name queue -h queue \
       -p 9000:9000 \
       --link mongo:mongo \
       --link etcd:etcd
       -v /home/config/queue:/config \
       -v /home/logs/queue:/logs \
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