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Out-of-the-box docker images for WebRTC dev/test purpose.
Full Description
docker run --rm \
  -e SHADOW_SOCKS_SERVER_ADDR=<your shadowsocks server ip> \
  -e SHADOW_SOCKS_SERVER_PORT=<your shadowsocks server port> \
  -e SHADOW_SOCKS_ENC_METHOD=<your shadowsocks encrypt method> \
  -e SHADOW_SOCKS_ENC_PASS=<your shadowsocks encrypt password> \
  -v <path to place webrtc source>:/webrtc \
  -t -i piasy/webrtc-build

Note: if your encrypt password contains special characters, remember to escape it with \, e.g. &bDmc! to \&bDmc\!.

If you don't need run shadowsocks proxy, you can run:

docker run --rm \
  -v <path to place webrtc source>:/webrtc \
  -t -i piasy/webrtc-build

Only Android is supported now, iOS support is working on, stay tuned!

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