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Smart image storing and manipulation service
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pichasso is an image service which helps to deliver optimal performance and to reduce the data transmitted.
By adjusting the delivered images to given parameters it allows developers to focus only on the creation of their webpage while pichasso is handling the images.
Since not every time the sizes are fitting to the image pichasso offers intelligent ways to crop the image fitting to the needs with features like a face detection
to avoid cutting people in half.

Often websites are facing difficulties at providing the right images for the user, one the one hand those images are
often not compressed which is a waste of bandwidth and performance. On the other hand since there are many different
devices on the market the image needs to be available in different resolutions to be fitting on each of them.
On mobile devices a lower resolution increases the performance drastically while on the desktop if the resolution is
too low it does not look professional at all. pichasso also handles all of these problems and provides the image with the ideal compression for every use case
while also using modern image formats like WebP. pichasso automatically detects alpha channels and chooses the format on behalf of
the given client side supported fortmats. Depending on the given size pichasso automatically adjust the picture and
returns the perfect compressed image.

We recommend to combine pichasso with a CDN to allow faster response times around the globe.
This feature can be easily integrated by using image source sets:

      media="(min-width: 768_px_)" 
      srcset="imageservice.url.jpg imageservice.url2x.jpg, 2x">
      <img src="imageservice.url.jpg" alt="Description">


Smart image cropping and compression service

  1. docker-compose build
  2. docker-compose up

The web service runs on port 3000. Debugging is available on port 9229.

Binding ports locally

To set up your personal port mapping, you can create a file named docker-compose.override.yml in the root directory:

version: '3'
      - 3000:3000
      # Port of node debugger
      - 9229:9229

Service Test

Open route /image/test, page will show all options available on this service.
Start pichassso with npm start.


npm test
or npm run mocha (will only run mocha)
or npm run lint (will only lint)


To adjust the configuration to own wishes create /config/production.json and
overwrite the parameters you want to change. To start pichasso for production
use npm run production which not only starts the service without test environment
and debugging but as well sets the NODE_ENV=production.

Clear Cache

Call a get request to route /clear/{hash} while {hash} has to be defined in the config file as Caching.ClearHash. The page should return OK and status 200 for valid hash. All cached files will get removed.


Parameter Values Description
image url Image which will be processed and returned
width number A number greater than zero which defines the width
height number A number greater than zero which defines the height
crop fill uses one gravity effect to fill the whole size
fit The image is fit inside the width and height attributes
scale The image is scaled into both width and height attributes
gravity entropy Returns the image according to Shannon entropy
faces Centers the image around the faces in the image
center Returns the center part of the image
north, east, south, west Returns the image aligned to the given direction
format best accepted (default) If the browser supports webp this type will be returned otherwise depending if there is transparency there will be either png or jpeg
webp Returns the image in the webp format
jpeg Returns the image in the jpeg format. If there is transparency the background color will be white
png Returns the image in the png format
quality quality Adjust the quality between 0 and 100. Higher means better quality

PDF Compression Service

Instead of entering an image URL it is also possible to add a PDF url which then will be adjusted according to the following
| Parameter | Values | Description |
| --- | --- | --- |
| pdf | url | PDF which will be processed and returned |
| quality | printer, screen | Defines the quality whether it is for screen or for printing |
| download | 1 or 0 | If 1 is selected the files will be downloaded when the process is finished |

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