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extends ubuntu-openjdk-8-jdk, and adds on the jenkins slave setup script
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Extended from ubuntu-base:latest official repo

Jenkins slave client for a Jenkins server.

jenkins-slave environment variables

Critical Jenkins environment variables needed by the slave.

  • JENKINS_HOST= : Docker server host URL
  • JENKINS_SLAVE_NAME=docker-slave : Docker slave name
  • JENKINS_SLAVE_SECRET=super-not-so-secure-token : Docker slave secret token

Optional Jenkins environment variable

  • JAVA_OPTS : Java runtime options
  • JENKINS_OPTS : Additional Jenkins options string
  • JENKINS_PRESCRIPT : Shell script to run before running jenkins
  • JENKINS_CONNECTION : The -connectTo option configuration. Used for overwriting connection paths.

openjdk-8-jdk environment variables

  • JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk-amd64/ : Java home location

Standard environment variables

  • TIMEZONE=GMT+08 : Default system timezone (Singapore)
  • LANGUAGE=en_US.UTF-8 : Used to configure OS language support
  • APTGET_PRESCRIPT="" : Commands to execute prior to aptget install/upgrade on bootup
  • APTGET_INSTALL="" : Performs the installation of the following if missing on bootup
  • APTGET_UPGRADE=false : Performs an apt-get upgrade on bootup
  • APTGET_POSTSCRIPT="" : Commands to execute after aptget install/upgrade on bootup

See base/README for more details.

Standard volume mount point

  • /workspace : Contains all the various persistent files related to the image

See base/README for more details.

Issue filling

Any problems / comments / kudos should be filed at github =)

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