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Run Ansible from inside Docker
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Run Ansible from inside a container (learn how to use Ansible)

How to use this Docker image

  • Simple use-case :
$ docker run -ti --rm -v <your_rsa_key>:/root/.ssh/id_rsa:ro -v <your_playbooks_root>:/etc/ansible:ro pierrecdn/ansible ansible-playbook -i <inventory_file> <playbook_file>

PLAY [your-hostgroup] *********************************************************

GATHERING FACTS *************************************************************** 
ok: [host-1]
ok: [host-2]
ok: [host-3]

TASK: [task-1 | My task to rule the world] ************************************ 

Advices and remarks

  • Take care of integrity of your files: use :ro when mouting volumes, no reason for ansible to write anything.

  • Ansible has no real context over 2 subsequent executions, so it can be reinstantiated each time. That's why containerize it and passing --rm it's not a problem.

  • If you plan to use Docker on the local instance, you will probably face a problem. Look at jpetazzo/dind first.

  • Remark : this image is shipped with pip and docker-py (See here for the features it enable)

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