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Execute docker-compose from Consul KV
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A simple Go program that watch a key in Consul for change,
on update, this program write the filtered docker-compose yml value
to a folder and docker-compose it up (or down if the key is absent or its value empty).


docker run \
    --net host \
    -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
    -v /var/lib/executant:/var/lib/executant \

This will connect to Consul on localhost:8500 (this is why we need --net host),
watch the executant.yml key for change.
On change, it will create a /var/lib/executant/docker-compose.yml file (in the container AND in the host because of the -v),
filter out services without the executant.enabled=true,
then run docker-compose up (or down if the value is empty),
and since we mounted /var/run/docker.sock in the container, the services containers will be created on the host's docker.


Here are the ENV var available, and their default value:

# Consul local agent address
CONSUL_HTTP_ADDR: http://localhost:8500

# The key to watch
EXECUTANT_KEY: executant.yml

# The service filters
EXECUTANT_FILTERS: executant.enabled=true

# the container local (and symetricly host mounted) folder where to put the project files
EXECUTANT_WORK_DIR: /var/lib/executant

see Consul API for other ENV var

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