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ToS;DR 2

A web app to submit and review points about services for <br/>
Written in JavaScript with help of the meteor framework ( <br/>
Data is saved in a MongoDB. <br/>

Current state

Highly experimental, incomplete, insecure and not scalable. <br/>
But a great start for 21 working hours :-)

How to start in development mode

Install meteor:

curl | sh

Cd into the project root directory (where this README is located) and enter:


Open [http://localhost:3000] (http://localhost:3000) in your browser.

You need to sign in to see something interesting.
You can sign in/up yourself with the menu in the top right corner.
Email addresses are currently not verified and "Forgot password ?" does not work.

How to make a user to a moderator

The most functionality is hidden from normal users. Therefore you need to make one user to a moderator in order to see
all functionality.

First you need to open the mongo shell in parallel to the running meteor app.

meteor mongo

Then you need to find the correct user id and add the role

db.users.find().pretty() // find _id
db.users.update({_id: 'USER_ID'},{$set: {roles: {moderator: true}}})
db.users.find().pretty() // should have roles attribute now

You can get the user of the current logged in user also in the browsers console by


Import from [tosdr-build] (


  • You need to have mongodb-clients installed.
    (on debian like distribution, run apt-get install mongodb-clients)
  • you need the tosdr-build repo: git clone

How to run


There are 2 ENV variables that might need to be set up for development environment:

MONGO_SERVER= TOSDR_BUILD_DIR='/path/to/tosdr-build' .tools/


As moderator you can export (=publish) points, services and topics to the file system.
Currently it's written to '/tmp/tosdr'. The exported files should be compatible with
the one imported from tosdr-build.


AGPL-3.0+ (GNU Affero General Public License, version 3 or later)

See for more details on the legal aspects of the project.

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