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Language puppet tools in an Arch linux container
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The images contains all you need for doing puppet development. You won't need any ruby locally, it is all included. The size of the image is about 500M. It is built from nfnty/arch-min.

What is included ?

The image contains:

language puppet

The language puppet library is an open source command line tool that parses, interprets and resolves puppet catalogs. It will give you an immediate feedback of the configuration to be applied. The images contains 2 binary executables puppetresources and pdbquery. They have been compiled and copied in the /usr/local/bin folder.


A shake executable that uses puppet-lint-1.1.0 and only 'lint' changed files.


To install puppet modules from the forge. The librarian-puppet version is 2.1.0


It also contains puppet 3.7.5 and its client utilities.


You need to mount your catolog with something alike:

docker run --rm -w /catalog/ $(pwd):/catalog:ro -t pierrer/puppetresources puppetresources -t /catalog -o ...

docker run -w /catalog/ --rm=true -v $(pwd):/catalog -t pierrer/puppetresources 'lint_puppet'

The tag v1.1.2 (or latest) corresponds to language-puppet v1.1.2 as released in hackage.

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