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The Advanced Open Source Enterprise Wiki.
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What is XWiki?

XWiki is a Wiki featuring collaborative edition, document versioning or user access rights management.
However, XWiki is more than the usual wiki. It is an Open-Source Second Generation Wiki. What does this mean? In short, XWiki provides you with the ability to create applications directly in your wiki (You can give a look to existing apps in the Code Zone or check what users are using XWiki for).

How to use this image

This image requires a running PostgreSQL server.

Start a PostgreSQL server

$ docker run -d -e POSTGRES_USER=xwiki -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=xwiki --name xwiki-db postgres:9.4

Start an XWiki instance

$ docker run -p 8080:8080 --name xwiki --link xwiki-db:db -v xwiki-data:/var/lib/xwiki xwiki -t xwiki

The alias of the container running Postgres must be db for XWiki to be able to connect to the Postgres server.

Stop and restart an XWiki instance

$ docker stop xwiki
$ docker start -a xwiki

Stop and restart a PostgreSQL server

When a PostgreSQL server is restarted, the Xwiki instances linked to that server must be restarted as well because the server address has changed and the link is thus broken.

Restarting a PostgreSQL server does not affect the created databases.

Environment Variables

The XWiki image uses several environment variables which are easy to miss. While none of the variables are required, they may significantly aid you in using the image.


This optional environment variable is used in conjunction with POSTGRES_PASSWORD to set a user and its password. The default value is xwiki.


This environment variable sets the user password for PostgreSQL. The default value is xwiki.


This optional environment variable can be used to define a different name for the default database. The default value is xwiki.

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