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Container for building web assets recursively from multiple subfolders with grunt, gulp or webpack.
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Node assets builder

This is docker container for building frontend web assets recursively from multiple subfolders with grunt, gulp or webpack. (More tools will be added when they became popular).

This container is designed for CMS projects like Drupal or WordPress which can have multiple different themes in one project.

You can download the image by running:

$ docker pull pihvio/node-assets-builder

How it works

  1. It searches directories with package.json and bower.json
  2. It installs packages from those folders with yarn and bower
  3. It searches Gruntfile.js,gulpfile.js and webpack.js from those same directories
  4. It builds all of the founded files with default configurations

Example theme setup

Here's an example theme folder structure which can be builded with this project:

├── theme1
│   ├── package.json
│   └── webpack.js
├── theme2
│   ├── Gruntfile.js
│   ├── bower.json
│   └── package.json
└── theme3
    ├── gulpfile.js
    └── package.json

In this example we would use following envs: MAX_DEPTH=3 and BUILD_DIR=/build/themes:

$ docker run -v ./themes:/build/themes -e MAX_DEPTH=3 -e BUILD_DIR=/build/themes pihvio/node-assets-builder

This would build all 'default' tasks from the provided themes.

Configuration through envs

PACKAGE_INSTALLER - This defines the default package.json installer. It can be either npm or yarn (default: yarn).

NODE_VERSION - The container contains nvm for using a custom nodejs version. If you define this the container automatically uses custom nodejs version for everything.

MAX_DEPTH - This is the maximum depth for looking for package.json and bower.json (default: 1). You don't want to use too big value in MAX_DEPTH because it will cause chain reaction which installs the dependencies of dependencies again and again.

docker-compose.yml example

version: '3'

    image: pihvi/node-assets-builder
      MAX_DEPTH: 3
      NODE_VERSION: v8.1.2
      BUILD_DIR: /build/themes
      - ./themes:/build/:rw,cached
    command: asset-builder


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