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Short Description
Easy to use light docker image for those who want to create easy to distribute presentations.
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A command-line based markdown presentation tool.

Basic controls:

next slide Enter, Space, Right Arrow

previous slide Backspace, Left Arrow

quit q
reload r
slide N 1..9
first slide Home, g
last slide End, G

  • There are fading problems on iTerm2, to see next slides
    hit enter and then r, then everything works.

This image runs on Intel and ARM (RPi)


How to write your own presentations?


It's simple.

  1. Write your presentation in markdown.
    Remember if you don't want problems
    One slide can have maximum 24 lines

  2. Put your presentations into docker container
    How? You have two options they're presentend on next slides

Method 1 - New autoplay container


  • Create new directory for your presentation files
  • In new directory create new Dockerfile
FROM piotron/mdp:onbuild
    LABEL author="<yourname>"
    LABEL presentation_title="<your title>"
  • Then create presentation.mdp file with you presentation

Build everything with

docker build -t <yourtag> .

Method 2 - Copy presentation to exising container


This method is very helpful when you are preparing presentation
and you want to check if everything is ok.

Run your container for first time. For example

docker run -ti piotron/mdp

Check name of your container(if you didn't set it)

docker ps -a

and look for the latest container from piotron/mdp

Method 3 - Mount volumen(physical directory) into container


Use this method if you have directory of presentations.

docker run --rm -ti -v $(pwd)/presentations:/presentations piotron/mdp <file>


You can invert colors with -i presentation.mdp param

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