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U2F Validation server with wsgi interface ported to Docker.
Full Description

Docker u2fval

Getting started

These instruction will get you a working u2fval server from @yubico in docker env.


Docker 1.10


docker build -r u2fval:{TAG}

Required mounts:

  • /u2fval-data
    Optional mounts:
  • /etc/yubico/u2fval/u2fval.conf - Here you change database from default sqlite
  • /etc/yubico/u2fval/logging.conf - Here you can set logging options
  • /uwsgi.yaml - this one is for uwsgi configuration

How to run?

Default run command

# docker run -d --name u2fval-server  -p 8080:8080 -v $HOSTDIR:/u2fval-data u2fval

Initiate database schema

If you didn't modified config file, it will create SQLITE database file.

docker run {args} u2fval db init

Upgrade database schema basing on connection string in u2fval.conf file

 docker run {args} u2fval db upgrade

run standalone webserver

 docker run {args} u2fval run -i0.0.0.0


  • Piotr Radosz - Initial work - piotron
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