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DEPRECATED! Please switch to
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Please switch to the official danielquinn/paperless image on Docker Hub! It does work identically and does not require you modifiying your configuration besides switching from pitkley/paperless to danielquinn/paperless.

(This image will keep tracking the official GitHub-repository for the foreseeable future, but I still encourage you to switch!)

Paperless Docker container

Docker image for Paperless.
See Docker Hub.

This README is very bare right now, to be extended.


(This assumes the sample docker-compose.yml, adapt as needed.)

  1. Create and start:

    docker-compose up -d
  2. Create the superuser interactively:

    $ docker-compose run --rm webserver createsuperuser
  3. Connect and test

Map default UID and GID

If you want the user and group IDs from the default paperless user in the image to be different from 1000, you can specify the USERMAP_UID and USERMAP_GID environment variables.
This can be relevant if you want to map a host-directory to be the consumption directory and want to "passthrough" the UID and GID of the host-user that should own that directory.

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