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Base Greenplum Database Docker Image for Use in adding other feature sets.
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This is an alpha release of a GPDB Docker Image to be used as the Base image for adding initial software.

Pull the image and then docker run -i -d -p 5432:5432 <image> and you should get a Greenplum database that is started and ready for connections. You should be able to connect via psql (local version) or pgadmin works as well. Add a -p 2022:22 if you would like to be able to ssh to the container via ssh gpadmin@<docker-machine> -p 2022

This container leverages volumes to allow it to maintain some state between container start/stop. This was added for the use case of testing, labs, etc so that progress would not be lost if interrupted. Because of this, there is a possibility of orphaned volumes which will need to be cleaned

User: gpadmin Password: pivotal

or root/pivotal

2017-01-09: Toolsmiths reviewed this image; it is not one we create. We make no promises about whether this is up to date or if it works. Feel free to email if you are the owner and are interested in collaborating with us on this image.

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