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Docker image with support software required by the developers at Azuga Telematics
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The image is built on Ubuntu(15.04) as the base package. As of now contains support for the following Softwares:

  • ActiveMQ
  • Hazelcast
  • Redis

Command to get the image:

docker pull piyushrai0699/azuga-developers-image:v1.1

Below is the command to run the image:

  • docker run -p 8161:8161 -p 5701:5701 -p 61616:61616 -p 6379:6379 -ti piyushrai0699/azuga-developers-image:v1.1 bash
  • once you see the image loaded, run the "" script to get all the applications inside up and running.
  • $ ./home/

Command to get the IP of your docker container:

docker-machine ip

Once the image is up and running you can access the respective applications outside docker. Example for ActiveMQ can be accessed at:

Hope this helps you guys let me know in the comments below if you guys face any issues while setting it up locally.

Thank you

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