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Central Authentication Service (CAS)


This branch hosts the Docker build configuration necessary to build a CAS image. See the Dockerfile for more info.


A docker image for CAS server. Images are tagged to match CAS server releases.


  • Minimum of Docker version 1.9.x



  • The image will be available on the host via ports 80 and 443
  • The image may be accessed via the host browser at the container-provided IP address. You may determine the IP address via docker inspect $CONTAINER_ID

  • The CAS server will be deployed inside an embedded Jetty container that is built into the CAS overlay project.

CAS Overlay

  • The build will automatically copy the contents of the src\main\webapp to the docker image.
  • You can set up your own custom overlay project based on a directory structure that mimics that of the CAS web application itself.


  • Update the thekeystore file with the server certificate and chain if you need access the CAS server via HTTPS.
  • The password for the keystore is changeit.
  • The build will automatically copy the keystore file to the image
  • The embedded Jetty is pre-configured to use that keystore for HTTPS requests.


Start Docker:

docker-machine start
docker-machine env

Run the eval command next.

Make sure that both and are updated to build the appropriate tag. Docker tags MUST correspond
to CAS server versions.

./ $CasVersion

The image will be built as apereo/cas:v$CasVersion.


./ $CasVersion


  • New images shall be released at the time of a new CAS server release.
  • Image versions are reflected in the build| files and need to be updated per CAS/Image release.
  • Images are published to
  • Log into the Docker Hub via the following command:
docker-machine ssh default
docker login -u username -p password -e email
docker push apereo/cas:v$CasVersion
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