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docker container that uses a hubic mounted file system for media
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docker image with Hubic fuse and Plex installed and started as services

UPDATE: I've decided to look into the base fuse code for a non-cached read only streaming optimised version; due to plex scanning the media etc I'm not 100% on how this will work out, but it will be here branched out.

Also looking into

  • plex media server container using a media and metadata mount, so that you could spin up a container for a single user thus negating the need for a plexpass subscription

  • container using other storage options to see how speeds work out.


Based on by Pascal Obry

  1. create a hubic app via their API at
  2. update the files/.hubicfuse with the details after running files/
  3. build and run

I highly recommend using docker-enter on your docker host

Once built and run the docker container will

1.    start the init system
2.    load the contents of each script in /etc/my_init.d/    -    mount your drive under /hubic        -     run Plex using /config as the config dir

due to plex allowing setup only from, I've created a script that adds allowedNetworks="" to the end of the Prefernces.xml, if it exists... this means that after you start the container for the first time, you will need to docker restart <container> so that the script runs and updates Preferences.xml while Plex isn't running; you should change the allowedNetworks script accordingly for your IP

Access Plex webUI via http://hostname:32400/web/ and be sure to update the allowed networks

Run with with command

docker run -d --privileged=true -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro -v /localconfig/:/config -p 32400:32400

    -v /host/path:/host        add a mountpoint to a host directory
    --restart="always'        restart the container if it stops unexpectedly
    --name="container-name"        local name for the container
    --host="hostname"        hostname of the container - also used as the config path

other projects I've used this for and will be uploading once I have the build more refined are

Plex Media Server    current issues with how fast (or slow!) the library updates are
SickRage        working ok just looking into auto-updates
CouchPotato        working ok just looking into auto-updates
webDAV service        not started but planned out
btSync            just started but alot of bugs to work out
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