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AppEngine and Maven on Java plus Jekyll and Htmlproof on Ruby
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Mapped locations

The container operates internally as user developer with home directory set to /home/developer and working directory /home/developer/workspace.

Following mappings are useful for various purposes

  • -v $PWD:/home/developer/workspace - the source code directory, with pom.xml file
  • -v $HOME/.m2:/home/developer/.m2 - maven directory, with subdir repository and file settings.xml; there is a pre-fetched default making CI build considerably faster
  • -v $HOME/.appcfg_oauth2_tokens_java:/home/developer/.appcfg_oauth2_tokens_java - authentication token for appengine
  • -p 4000:4000 the port mapping for local website serving (local use only)


Local use-cases

  • build + test
  • htmlproof for fast validation
  • execution of appengine:devserver
  • execution of jekyll serve

CI (like codeship) use-cases

  • ci test (includes build)
  • ci deploy to appengine
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