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Base CentOS containers for Test Kitchen
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For test kitchen. The 7 tag is CentOS 7 based and runs sshd under systemd. The 6 tag - oddly is a CentOS 6 version. Both versions have Chef 12.7.2 pre-installed.

To get the systemd (7) version working you will need the following directives in .kitchen.yml

  name: docker
  use_sudo: false
  platform: rhel
  image: platformservices/kitchen_base:7
  run_command: /usr/sbin/init
  privileged: true

Whether you need the privileged flag setting is debatable. The image is based off maci0/systemd which should provide unprivileged systemd. But using Docker for Mac (Beta) gave me errors about failing to get a D-Bus connection unless I made the container privileged. I have not tried it on a real Linux host.

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